Fee and Mode of Payment

  • Fee payment schedule monthly/quarterly that will be parents at the time of admission.
  • Date of fee payments is up to 10th of every month in advance and after 10th of each month up to 20th the surcharge of Rs. 5/- per day will be levied by the school.
  • After 20th of each month the student's name will be struck off from the Roll. If he fail to deposit then dues.
  • A Re-admissioin fee will be charged, if the student has admitted again.
  • The school takes monthly fees for all the 12(Twelve ) Calendar months. No reduction for holidays or broken period.
  • Fees should be paid on or before 1 O" of every month. Failure to pay the fees for three consecutive month will effect striking off the pupil's.
  • A pupil joining/leaving the school late/during the midsession will have to pay fees for the full term.
  • Pupil whose dues have not been cleared will be debarred from writing examinations.
  • The school fees and other charges are subject to revision or change at any time.