Principal Desk

Mrs.Pushpa Chaturvedi

At the very outset let me acknowledge my exuberant joy to become a part of S.P.M. Public School .S.P.M. Public School is a temple of learning situated on the outskirts of Gorakhpur with a lush green fields , on Medical college road.I greatly acknowledge the hard work guidance and support of the excellent teachers, Parents and students. We march forward being reminded of the words of Robert Frost:-

“We have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”….

The education imparted in this school is holistic and life oriented. Education here must enable the pupils to be more humane and effective. Knowledge is just one part the other is the action inspired by knowledge. It is both subjective and objective. The final outcome of knowledge is the transformation of self and society.

The Ancient Indian sages prayed:-

“Asato ma sad gamaya.

Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya.

Mrtyor ma Amritam gamaya.”

- From ignorance lead me to truth.

From darkness lead me to light.

From mortality lead me to immortality.


In S.P.M. we have focused on the moral values as well as to make the children gain intellectualism. We have heights to be conquered. May the commitment and enthusiasm beacon in the academic pursuit of our youngster’s .As we are treading forward in our pursuit of excellence may these words “Soar high in the wings of great desire.” reverberate in our ears.

Let us together strive after excellence and success cannot but be our constant companion. May god bless all of us.