• All-round quality education to the children with the essence of brotherhood irrespective of religion, caste, creed etc.
  • Inclucating into the minds of the children the love & fear of God with true discipline and determination and self effort.
  • The value of honest labour to enable the children to be steadfast in aim, and acquire requisite human qualities in order to become disciplined and useful citizens.


  • The medium of institution in English.
  • Syllabus comprises all the branches of Education & Policy framed by the CSSE of Education. (The school encourages and guide its pupils to acquire the requisite personalities and career for a decent society through various extra-curricular activities besides academic pursuits.)

School Leaving Certificate

  • School leaving certificate and Progress Report of the class last attended will be issued after all the payable dues have been cleared. It should be applied through a proper channel one by parents/ guardians in writings.
  • A fees of Rs. 300/- will be charged when application for a transfer certificate or for a duplicate of the same is made.