Parents and Teacher Meet

Parents and guardians are welcome to meet the Principal between 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm. and with the teachers on prior information and by taking prior permission to Principal on any working day. Attendance of one of the parents/guardians in parent-teacher's meeting is compulsory otherwise an disciplinary action may be taken against student for absentee of guardian/parents.

  • Note to Parents
  • A concerted effort and attention towards children's ducation by both Parents and School teachers being the Key ro successful leaning, the authority alone cannot be held responsible.
  • Parents are required to check and sign, in their children's calendar whenever necessary about daily home assignment, regularity etc.
  • No leave application for children from school during class days for mere reasons of family occassion and social programs shall be accepted.
  • Parents should not rely on the word of children relating to school official matter, but should personally intimate of consult the school authority.
  • Any complaint or suggestion should be made in person with the school authority.
  • If your child has a habit of concern that you want the school to take special care of, please notify the authority.